The Kashmir Walla is in print—why?

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The Kashmir Walla is in Print as a weekly newspaper and this is the first print edition you’re holding in your hands. We welcome you as our committed reader, who has been with us for years, following our work and giving us the strength to do better. It was in May 2011, when this magazine was established, aiming to boost the reporting in the region, with a team of a few young journalism students. Years passed by and the journey continued with more people joining and writers from all across the world writing for the magazine. It hasn’t been easy but somehow we managed to keep the boat floating and today we are here to offer you our print edition.

While it has been said and argued that the print media is dead, we believe that there is still hope to revive the culture of reading on paper, holding your newspaper in the morning, and not just a smartphone screen. Our resolve is to offer you a reading experience both on screen as well as on paper. We decided to go into print for this very reason that the culture of reading newspapers, the traditional form, shouldn’t die with modernization. We believe that any tradition has its significance and stakeholders—the same is with newspapers too. 

We have always pioneered in the field of journalism. From bringing Mobile Journalism, or MoJo, in the Valley to producing exclusive social media content for the new-age audience, including the brief news program, The Daily Bulletin.  Over time we have not only offered a wide range of platforms and ways to consume daily news but also well reported and researched stories on various issues, and video features that have the ability to raise debates. It is important for a media organization to reach out to audience of every kind—those who want to watch videos, those who want to read on smartphones or the ones who like the ink on paper.

With this first print edition, we are rejuvenating the tradition of ink on paper,. with a firm belief that we will find your support, just the way you have always backed our digital platform. The focus of our print weekly newspaper will be the same—to bring facts to you and stand firm on the motto of not diluting the message with agenda or bias.

The price for the paper is nominal and for subscription, it is even lesser. Our goals are bigger and so is our commitment towards reinventing the culture of reading newspapers. We will bring you the best experience and our team of young and passionate professionals will make sure that your time spent with this newspaper is worth it. We are entering a new era of our own history as well as the history of media in Jammu and Kashmir. Every single step we take is part of a larger history and this is one such step towards a larger goal and a dream.

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