Declaring Masood Azhar as ‘global terrorist’ has positive impact on Kashmir: Guv Malik

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Srinagar: Following the declaration of Azhar Masood as ‘global terrorist’ by the United Nations Security Council’s, Governor Satya Pal Malik said it would have a positive impact in curbing militancy in the valley as Pakistan has already started taking action against him.

“There will be a lot of other restrictions, his operations will not be as before. He used to visit camps and recruit people, all that will come to an end,” he said, during an interview with The Sunday Express.

The designation of Masood Azhar by the United Nations Security Council’s ISIL ( Da’esh) and Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee will help lower the temperature in the Valley, Jammu and Kashmir Mr. Malik has said.

“In Kashmir, he is the aqa (master) of ‘terrorists’, so there is bound to be a lot of demoralisation among them — (if Masood Azhar can’t be saved, how can you be),” Mr. Malik told The Sunday Express.

He further said that before declaring Mr. Masood as ‘global terrorist’, there had been a drop in recruitment into militancy in the Valley. “There has been no new recruitment in the last five months. We have all the numbers — they tell their own story. There have been no Facebook posts of militants posing with guns. There are no reports of missing youth (any longer). Earlier glamour was created about guns, that gun means power. Now that aura is fading slowly.”

He said this is because young people, alienated though they may be, have realised the futility of this path.

“Because within six months of joining, they are getting killed,” he said. From their point of view, there are no outcomes. Earlier, villages used to compete to send food to militants. Now no one is sending food, let alone providing shelter to the militants. They (militants) are staying away — in orchards, in jungles. And information about their whereabouts is coming to police mainly from the villagers themselves. This has made all the difference,” Mr. Malik said.

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