Want to save lives of youth in Kashmir, and end the ongoing war here: Shah Faesal

Photograph: Social media
JK Bank

Srinagar: At the launch of  his political party, Jammu and Kashmir’s people movements, the former IAS officer, Shah Faesal on Sunday said that the end of the war that is prevalent in Kashmir was necessary and his party’s main motive would be saving the youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Our youth are the victims, it is the youth who gets hit by pellet and bullets. I have not come here for the politics of youth. However representation of youth is most important for me. We want to save the lives of youth,” said Shah Faesal while addressing a rally in Rajbagh area of Srinagar.


Adding that despite studying in universities and pursuing higher education youth are worried and are sacrificing their lives.

Mr. Shah said the reason of him not joining any existing political parties was ‘the outrage of people and youth who didn’t want him to join any party but launch his own.’

Mr. Shah added, “When people from many areas would visit me, they would say that we won’t ever want to see your face if you join those people whose hands are stained with blood, who have made the recruitment agencies their personal properties and who have done injustice to the youth of Kashmir.”

Giving the examples of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Arvind Kejriwal, Mr. Faesal said, “They strived hard not to lose their faith, and I am also thankful to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for having faith in me at that time it was very hard to accept the new idea.”

While talking about the faith, Mr. Shah gave the example of Prophet (PBUH) and said, “When he came up with the message of God for the first time, people started calling him majnoon. If I would lie in front of you right now, my son, who is listening to me right now as well; I will be called a liar by him tomorrow and May Allah prevent me to be a liar.”

Bureaucrat turned politician Shah Faesal also said that his decision to join Indian Administrative Service (IAS) was wrong. “I realised that my decision to join Indian Administrative Service was wrong,”  Mr Shah said.

Mr. Shah who  came to  limelight and earned a name for himself after he topped the civil services in 2009 said that everyone who is with him had sacrificed something.

“Everyone who is with me has left something and sacrificed to start this movement. We will not allow this politicking over blood of youth of J&K,” he said.

“As a mainstream party we can only facilitate peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue which ultimately has to come from New Delhi and Islamabad. We will focus on Central Asia and reopening of silk route”.

He punctuated that the party will never try to divide people on the lines of communalism but will be working as humanitarian and the first goal of the party will be the end of the corruption.