Decade of bloodshed in Kashmir: 3250 killings

JK Bank

In the last one decade of conflict in Kashmir, highest number of people have been killed in 2018 so far. Around 529 people have lost lives till November and nearly 3250 people have been killed in the last one decade. The below Infogram compiled by The Kashmir Walla gives data of killings from 2009 till 2018.


  1. Where is UNSC, r they blind folded now in case of Khasmiris n Palestinians. When ever a European or American is killed by their fellow countrymen they put blame on Muslims n make them escape goat just to take revenge for own mistakes n failures. UN has dbl standards they treat Super Powers differently n other small nations differently.

  2. […] When the violence crosses all scales — carried out by anyone, it turns society numb. In recent years, we have seen thousands thronging at the gunfight sights in Kashmir; dying, facing bullets, trying  to save the trapped militants. School children have come out on streets, knowing it can lead to death, and often it does. In Kashmir, mothers have mourned their fallen sons for decades but also finding dignity in their death. This is where Kashmir is today — and it hasn’t happened in one day, but it is lack of any serious policy of political engagement. […]