Confluence: An art show in Srinagar

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Art exhibition 1

In the heart of Srinagar, a three-day art show called “Confluence” featuring some of the most important emerging and senior artists in Kashmir today exhibited the artworks in the form of paintings, photography, drawing, sculptures, digital media, sound, video and more. It had more than 130 original artworks by 34 Kashmiri artists, becoming part of the 7th Annual Contemporary Art show of Kashmir Art Quest, and hosted by ZMK Collective.


The three-day exhibition, curated by Syed Mujtaba Rizvi of KAQ and hosted by Zoya Khan and Zahaan Khan of ZMKC, not only witnessed high footfall by people from different walks of life, but also managed to attract a lot of interest from buyers and collectors. “This was not just a conceptually important exhibition, but also a well concentrated attempt to boost the creative economy,” said Mujtaba Rizvi.

As per the organizers, the rare artworks were specifically priced at reduced rates to encourage Kashmiri buyers to collect art by Kashmiri artists. “This is our first collaboration with Kashmir Art Quest and just the start of something very important we want to build here. We envision a space where innovation and creativity can thrive,” added Zoya Khan.

Some of the prominent artists whose artworks were exhibited were Masood Hussain, MA Mehboob, Iftikhar Jaffar, Zargar Zahoor and Naushad Gayoor. Works by artists like Mujtaba Rizvi, Manan Khan, Mehran Qureishi, Zoya Khan, Nabeel Sultan, Yousuf Naqshbandi, Azan Shah, Ahmer Khan and Syed Shahriyar were among the highest selling artworks.

Here are some of the moments from the exhibition:

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