Families of killed youth reject army compensation; ‘Will pay two million to army if it handovers killers to us’

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Rejecting Army’s compensation offer of Rs 10 lakh, the parents of the slain youth Friday said they would not accept any relief from the government.

“The blood of my 14 year old son is not so cheap that I could barter it. I reject this compensation. I will pay Rs 20 lakh to army in return if it handovers us the killers,” said Mohammad Yousuf Bhat, father of Faisal.


He said that Faisal was studying in class 7th and was also under the course of Hafiz-e-Quran. “He had memorized thirteen chapters of the Quran and was much zealous to recite the whole Quran by heart. His killing has left us shattered and no one on earth is going to heal these wounds,” he added.

He also accused that the army and police personnel, deployed outside their residence at Nowgham, are not allowing any person to condole with the family. “They disallow the mourners and the people who come here to express condolence,” Bhat said.

Father of the slain youth Ghulam Mohammad Dar whose son Mehraj-ud-din (21) seconded Bhat, saying the compensation would not give him his son back.

“I will give army whatever it wants, the earnings of my life, all my possession, all I want is that they must declare the names along with the pictures of the involved army personnel,” Dar added.


  1. Sir,
    The emotional outburst of parents is justified. First, did they know that their boys were travelling in a stolen car. Else , y would they try to run from anybody.? They banged the car n tried to run away. In this conflict situation, where things are sensitive y should they do it? the thing is not as simple as it seems..