In pictures: Kashmir floods coverage tip of ice berg, people ask for drinking water

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Living in the opens, relief camps, homeless, people in Srinagar are trying hard to search food. The government hasn’t been efficient enough to provide relief to most of the affected people. The local kitchens are being used to cook food for the people who were able to reach to any dry area. Thousands still remain stranded in their houses, surrounded by water, without any help. The Kashmir Walla received several calls from stranded people’s relatives saying, saying their kiths and kins haven’t eaten for days.


Nazir Masoodi, NDTV Correspondent in Kashmir, earlier in the afternoon told the news channel that whatever the media is reporting is tip of the ice berg, the reality is different. “It is a major humanitarian crisis. People are crying but the relief is not reaching out to them. People are shouting from their roofs, give us one drinking water bottle,” he added.

Masoodi also said that the entire state government has itself submerged. “Government can’t do anything, it needs some extraordinary effort to deal with this disaster. We don’t know how many have died. I could see several houses collapsed.”

We are getting you a few pictures from today (Wednesday), showing people trying to arrange food and make their way out in several areas of Srinagar. Photographs by Shahid Tantray