Have to see if ISIS is qualified to establish caliphate: Geelani

JK Bank

Syed Ali GeelaniThe Huriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani has said that his amalgam will adopt a wait and watch policy over the establishment of Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and the announcement of the Islamic Caliph.

In a detailed interview to The Kashmir Magazine, Geelani said that it is the moral responsibility of every Pakistani citizen to help Kashmir cause, “It is the responsibility of every Pak citizen to raise voice for Kashmir.”


The Hurriyat chairman stated that his amalgam is yet to take final call over the reports of Islamic State in Iraq and the declaration of Al- Baghdadi as the Caliph. “Nothing can be said about this situation yet. We have to see whether those persons who claim to have established the caliphate in Iraq are that much qualified or not. We must understand that if anyone declares himself as an Islamic caliph meets those requirements? We as Muslims know the glorious period of four pious caliphs of Islam in the past.  It has to be ascertained whether the present order meets the past or not.”

Geelani quoted by the news magazine further remarked, “As far as our stand is concerned, we will keep wait and watch policy vis-à-vis the situation in Iraq. Do they meet the requirements of the caliphate establishment?” When asked about the affects of the same upon Kashmir situation, Gelaani guarded in his words stated, “It will be their principle to strive for the rights of the oppressed Muslim world. If you read Quran you will find what is written there.”

Geealni stated that he is ready to accept Kashmir’s independent status if the same is not under the purview of Indian constitution. “Our stand is clear. We want India to fulfill its promises it made to the people of Kashmir in the United Nations.  If the same are not implemented, then the dialogue over the issue is conditional. India, Pakistan and resistance leadership of Kashmir must sit together and this exercise should be done under the purview of United Nations or any third friendly country. And later by consensus, if Independent status of Kashmir emerges as a solution, we are ready to accept that also. But at the same time, any solution is not acceptable of Kashmir that would be under the purview of Indian constitution.”

The Hurriyat chairman according to the magazine also asked all the pro-freedom parties to unanimously issue poll boycott call against the upcoming state elections in Jammu and Kashmir. (KNS)