No pilgrimage at Kounsarnag, says Home Secretary

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Ridiculing the news reports that any permission for any kind of ‘Yatra’ was given by the state government, government on Friday, stated that no permission for any Yatra at Kounsar nag was issued.

Talking to KNS, Home Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Government Suresh Kumar stated that it is a mere rumor that any Yatra would take place at Kounsar nag and the state government has issued permission for the same.  “In actual, it is no Traditional Yatra but only a Puja that used to take place near Kounsar nag years ago.”

Mr Kumar remarked that from the last few years, some people of the particular community offer prayers at the place and that no Yatra as such has ever been scheduled or taken place in the area.

When asked about the reports that a fully fledged Yatra shall be arranged and the Kounsar Nag would be made as a Yatra venue likewise Shri Armarnath pilgrimage, Mr Kumar remarked that the state government has no such proposal and that only a usual prayers are being held by some people every year near the stream. “Separatists by issuing strike calls against the so called Yatra that itself is not true, may have their own agenda but as far as the government is concerned, no proposal for Yatra is there.”

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