Indian Parliamentarian opposes Zubin Mehta Concert

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Kabir SumanAn Indian Parliamentarian and poet, Kabir Suman, opposes Zubin Mehta’s concert in the Jammu and Kashmir, scheduled on September 7. He said, in a statement, that “Kashmiris who are fighting so hard for their right to self determination, Freedom, do not need such a concert to get a notion of “peace” through music.”

Suman is a Lok Sabha member from Trinamool Congress Party, and in past too has been writing about human rights violations in Kashmir in his poetry.

“I am sceptical about the proposed Zubin Mehta concert at the Shalimar Garden, Srinagar. That’s the least I can say. A Peace Concert! Peace for whom? As the great German composer Hans Werner Henze observed in his book ‘Musik und Politik’ (Music and Politics): “Musik kann auch Knechte schaffen.” (Music can also create slaves),” Suman said.

World renown Music Conductor Mehta’s concert in Srinagar is facing opposition from several quarters of the region. Some members of the civil society, a group of journalists, columnists, academics and artists, have also organised a parallel cultural event on the same day, titled ‘Haqeet e Kashmir’ (Reality of Kashmir).

Suman also questioned could Mehta imagine himself conducting a grand orchestra in Treblinka or Dachau extermination camps during the Second World War?

He added, “As a small musician I feel ashamed that such a concert should take place at Srinagar now – with 70,000 Kashmiris dead and 10,000 Kashmiris missing and thousands of Kashmiri women raped.”

“I wonder if any music could make the politicians and the military personnel of my country change their attitude towards the Kashmiris, questioned Suman.

Suman said he, as a senior citizen of the republic of India who respects the constitution of his country and humbly serves music, joins in the protest against the proposed concert.

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  1. Notwithstanding Mr Kabir Suman’s history, one must concede that his action goes to show that India offers freedom of speech and though to everyone who pledges to use it in a peaceful and democratic manner.

    It is a tight slap in face of seperatist Jihadis and their diabolical propaganda.

    Jai Hind. Jai Jammu-Kashmir.

  2. Underneath all the mockery you continue to evade all the ground happenings and everything i have said, we are not the least bit surprised :/

    End the occupation of Kashmir by the hegemonic forces of India & own up to the atrocities India has committed.

    I’m quite happy?.. I was able to refer you to a thesauras..In it, look up malign while you are at in growth..EVIL and so on..As in, the occupation of Kashmir by the Hegemonic Forces of India is Malignant. You are welcome.

    You ol fart :) You never never learn..How much does a GOI employee such as yourself rake in btw??

    Coercion, derision, denial, hypocrisy, Such is the way of posting by Sanjeev Time & Time again..

    One must also question the zeal with which these posts are continued thoroughly and continuously by sanjeev, the propaganda machine keeps churning hot steaming piles of crap

    Notice a Kashmiri, THEKASHMIRWALLA itself allows him the freedom of his speech. While as, an actual Kashmiri in Kashmir has very little freedom of speech.. Ironic & beautiful in essence.
    Tsk tsk tsk… Get a grip ol man ..

    BTW I will not stop commenting due to the the very fact that your coercion based attempts at feeble propaganda on the bottom of articles written by Kashmir Supports is Malignant. I am but a humble supporter of the Kashmiri cause & a warning to those that read your posts. (very little take heed btw)

    I am from now on copy pasting all of responses to you. for these reasons:

    1- You have very little new material to refute (you are essentially beating the same drum of Indian propaganda albeit in various words & sentences)

    2- Your writing is very insidious & can at times make a person loose their cool.

    3- Your clever japes & passive aggressive stabs at people, while at first can be entertaining, have lost their value.

    4- Anything a person writes in refutation to you, you simply use as a platform to spring-board further derision, coercion, propaganda, & hate mongering. So this copy pasted warning will simply put a stop to new arsenal for you to spring-board on. :)

    5- My Time is more precious than yours.

    6- A simple warning to those reading your posts is enough as no discussion or dialogue is possible with a person such as you. A person like Sanjeev, who denies atrocities committed to Kashmiri civilian population by the Hegemonic Forces of India. Your support of the #Occupation of Kashmir is tied in with this.

    You are an asshole who’s asshole is rotting from within (Chuyth kum ha sa chi, kya karakh) < amusing anecdote for the Kashmiri reader. Not you. Rot in hell, may you come back as an e-coli living within the rectum of some beast with ulcerative colitis, & so & so on :)
    Feel free to act like the spam patroller you pose around as. (on this note, were you the fat kid that loved to be the hall monitor & tell on your friends to the teacher?…"madam madam, sanju pushed manju" ) :) Clearly some psychological issues at work with this sort of behavior (self appointing oneself as a spam patroller).

    Oh & dear reader please remember # 4, & deny Sanjeev the pleasure. He gets his Jollies apparently by getting on the bottom of others peoples works & hate mongering.



    Jai Kashmir!


    • The above comment has been copy-pasted verbatim under a number of posts on this blog. A few low-level personal attacks have been added for amusement (of the commentator himself/herself only) here.

      Attacking the credentials of those with a contrary viewpoint, is the favoured technique of politicians. It does not help the cause of a genuine discussion aimed at finding middle ground.

      However, I have high regard for the administrator policy of this blog whereby all views are allowed. I am sure that very soon such mature, meaningful and non-violent means of interaction will become the norm in J&K as well.

      Jai Hind. Jai J&K.

      • Hmm u copy and paste all these statements yourself. Is that ok.

        Ok clearly u haven’t replied even once to this so sad for you :)

        Even if it is copy pasted, one instance is original na !

        But go on label me a politician :)

        Perhaps you can endorse me as an MLA

        I will run for office & tell India to GO BACK!

        U have list wit ol man, I can’t even get a chuckle out of your posts these days :/

        Deny deny deny, then ask for discussion?

        Hate monger in here & praise the administrator? Such is hypocrisy

        That’s how u operate ol man, Sanjeev patwardhan…hmm did those bogey men jihadis find u yet btw ?

        • @ Jonah Ryder,

          You seem to have exhausted your stock of descriptive terms. Such a pity. They were really evocative. They also used to put me in real good cheer for the rest of the day! :)

          Do you want to take some time off and read that Thesauras again?

          Jai Hind. Jai Jammu-Kashmir.

          May Allah continue to bless India in her noble struggle in J&K against the fake, blood-stained Jihad of monstrous hate.

    • End the occupation of (hindu) kashmir by islamix invaders for past 600 years is the only solution. we love kashmir and hate kashmiri muslims. go muslims go back leave occupied kashmir.
      jai hindu kashmir