In pictures: Thousands attend funerals of militants in Kashmir

JK Bank


After being killed while fighting the Indian forces in Mandoora village of Indian-controlled Kashmir’s Tral area – 50 kilometers from Srinagar, three militants of Hizbul Mujahideen were laid to rest today. The funerals of the militants, Shahnawaz Ahmad Mir alias Saptinga, Ajaz Ahmad and Shabir Ahmad Bhat alias Adil- Hayan (District Commander),  who were killed on Monday, were attended by thousands of people. Photojournalist Syed Shahriyar captured the three funerals.







  1. Even Hitler’s national parades drew crowds. That doesn’t mean his ideology was not poisonous.

    AFSPA roxx! Remorseless brutal killers such as these who went belly-up in a gunfight, only reinforce the impression in the minds of Indians that J&K terror needs to be dealt with a firm hand and without pity. India has no option but to fight this menace, no matter how long it takes.

    May these guys get the heavenly virgin houries they dreamt of. After all, getting a virgin in J&K is well nigh impossible now! :) Just a little joke, buddies!

    However, I (and many others) have noted the fact that outside this village, the rest of the J&K went about its business as usual. That speaks volumes about “popular feelings”!

      • Kash Mir,

        Plebiscite is ancient history. have a better suggestion. India should scrap article 370 and allow Indians from outside J&K to become permanent residents of the state. That will solve the problem faster and more efficiently. Right, buddy? :)

          • @ Kash Mir

            We have forgotten NOTHING, O Allah’s warrior. That is the reason the J&K issue fails to elicit any sympathy in India. We know very well what it means. We see it in the provocative pronouncements of UJC from Pakistan. We see the hate in the eyes of the misguided stone-pelter. We read it in the furious poison spewed by Geelani gang. We see it in the videos released by Taliban.

            Your blood-soaked struggle is a part of anti-Qafir Jihad being waged by murderous mercenaries all over. It is an extension of the Islamic invasion that began centuries ago. You have brought it out yourself in your comment above. Please stop saying it is about human rights, political rights, Geneva conventions or whatever. We know very well that in your mind, it is about Muslims vs non-Muslims. Do not try to disguise it, the dirty backside shows through.

            This venal, Hindu-hating ideology has to be defeated, no matter how long it takes. India has no option but to fight, and fight India will. Bring on those haraam suicide missions! Allah will help India and not those cold-blooded, drug-high killers. They will be annihilated just like the vainglorious, murder-thirsty, sex-crazed Islamic zealots who ravaged India in medieval ages were ultimately annihilated.

            Until then, let AFSPA rock n roll! Enjoy the frisking and the searches, boy. They are here to stay! :)

          • Excellent Sanjeev!!! Its time for India to bring 370. As you said it will settle the issue one and all. These Mullas tried their best with Punjab and there were thrashed. Idiot Omar says dont take Kashmir granted as if kashmir belongs to them. All of them in subcontinent are occupied ones.