In pictures: Curfew continues in Kashmir; 83 injured in two days

JK Bank


Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir


On the second day of curfew on Saturday across the Indian-controlled Kashmir 74 persons, including police and paramilitary forces, were injured in clashes between the police and protesters in different parts of Kashmir amid heightened tensions over killings of unarmed civilians by Border Security Force (BSF) in Gool village of Ramban district on Thursday.


To thwart any protest demonstration, heavy contingents of police and paramilitary CRPF were deployed in the curfew bound areas. The forces had laid razor wire and erected barricades to stop movement of people and traffic. Armed vehicles were also seen at road junctions. Joint parties of police and CRPF were seen patrolling the streets of curfew-bound areas.

Reports said defying curfew, groups of youth took to streets and clashed with the forces at several places in the Valley. A police spokesperson claimed the situation throughout Kashmir valley remained peaceful till afternoon. “The night passed off peacefully. In the stone pelting incidents, yesterday 59 persons including 49 police and CRPF men were injured. In Kulgam 35 police and CRPF men were injured. In Bandipore, 4 police and CRPF men were injured,” he said. “In other districts of valley 10 police and CRPF men injured. Ten civilians were injured in these violent incidents as well. The deployments are exercising maximum restraint. All injured are stable.”


Inspector General Police Kashmir Abdul Gani Mir told KNS that situation remained by and large peaceful in the Valley on Saturday. “Around 8 Civilian, 31 police and CRPF men have been injured in stone pelting incidents at different places,” he said.

District Magistrate Srinagar has said identity cards of those manning essential services and media would be treated as curfew passes by the security forces. An emergency control room has been set up to facilitate passage of patients to hospitals during emergencies.


Inspector General Police Traffic Munir Ahmad Khan told KNS that Srinagar-Jammu National Highway was reopened for the traffic since last evening. “2000 vehicle coming from Jammu to Srinagar crossed Jawhar tunnel last night and reached Srinagar in the morning. On Saturday morning vehicles carrying Amarnathji yatries and others were allowed to move towards Jammu,” he said.

Khan said the Highway had to be closed due to protests at several places on Friday.

“From tomorrow (Sunday) traffic will flow smoothly,” he added.


However, no yatra vehicle was allowed to move from Jammu towards Kashmir on Saturday. An official spokesman said due to prevailing situation and restrictions imposed in the valley, the Shri Amarnathji yatra remained suspended on Saturday.

Separatists have called for a three-day protest shutdown against the Gool killings. All senior separatist leaders, including Syed Ali Geelani and Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, have been placed under house arrest in Srinagar while JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik has been detained in police station Kothibagh.


  1. This shame will continue until article 370 goes on feeding the Jihadi monster. The moment it is repealed and J&K is fully integrated with India, these killers will not know where to hide.

    Go on India! You have to fight this menace.

          • Yes this is copied & pasted from previous posts.

            Where ever you try to spew hatred this message will follow it in’Shaa’Allah

            The Holy Quran is the most read Text in the world, it is also the most mis-read, i.e people read it without knowledge of the meaning.

            If the Holy Quran is read with meaning and understood then In’Shaa’Allah many problems of this world will cease to be.

            Currently our ummah is divided and without a clear path. In’Shaa’Allah the ummah will come together soon and lead the way once again.

            Nothing escapes aakhira.. we all must atone and face Allah, this is the only truth in the world.

            I do not believe in the violent means by which our religion is being labeled, but I do believe in fighting against tyranny. for what good are my legs if I am made to kneel forever.

            These attacks against what is being said in the defense of Kashmir & Kashmiris are just that.

            One has to also wonder about the timing of this backlash against Kashmiris by the likes of Sanjeev and the many names the person uses to pander. The BJP run on the platform of division, this is what I see these people doing.

            My message is clear, a believer (a MUSLIM) until he/she interpret the Holy Quran in full meaning and applies that to their life, we will continue to suffer.

            The uneducated and ignorant are easily brainwashed, this enables clerics and muftis to take advantage of a desperate situation.

            If only one person reads this and passes it on to others then Sanjeev & the Kind have done us a service since this message has gone through to someone.

            Let us thank him/them.

            The compulsion to try and get in the last word is well defined in Psychology, known as ‘Takers.’ Islam also prohibits us from trying to get in the last word within an argument.

            My aim here is not to get in the last word, rather present the readers with an option.