I belong to a Valley

JK Bank

By Ikram Ullah

I belong to a valley grand
the Pir Panchal
Jehlum’s mystifying tranquility
Lidder’s restlessness


I belong to a valley forlorn
a Stalingrad
The Red Square
without a Kremlin Wall
imperialistic want

I belong to a valley so bereft
traitors sit on res publica thrones

My valley echoes
Shurkhs of Nund Reshi
Waakhs of Lal Ded
hundreds of years later

I belong to a valley dreary
Khazr thinking his fate still
on the shores of Lake Walur
perplexed at posts without post offices—
Agha is no more seeing it at Midnight from Delhi

I belong to a valley so clued-up
Inayats bleed for the cause of Khazr
young fall for the pride of their old
Roushans holds stones in their breath
masses unite to start an Intifada

I contemplate a valley so bonnie
Heaven on Earth
stupefying a Persian king
revered to still bring back to life
a cooked rooster
valley so ravishing still
my roots are here
I belong here




Lidder- flows fast and hard through Pahalgham

Nund Resh- A 13th century saint

Lal Ded- A 13th Century  poet

Shruks- Noble sayings of Nund Resh

Wakhs-Noble sayings of Lal Ded

Khazr-Metaphor for common Kashmiri

Walur- A Lake in Kashmir