Furkan Fazili: Why I write?

JK Bank

I grew up in Kashmir. It is a place where there are different shades to every little possible thing- such beautiful seasons, tears, laughter, untold stories, told stories which can always told in a different colour.


So I would say, being a Kashmiri, poetry comes naturally, it is like a child’s curiosity, first to know everything then to convey the same in a cheerful childish way. Kashmir makes one to develop different kind of prisms to imbibe things.

I used to read a lot of novels in school, mostly of Paulo Coehlo, Robin Sharma and Dan Brown. Poetry caught my attention in high school. We had a chapter The Ghat of the Only World by Amitav Ghosh , a touching tribute to his friend, Agha Shahid Ali- an illustration drawn by a Hindu author in memory of a Muslim poet. I was very much impressed by some verses of Agha Shahid Ali that were quoted in the chapter. That was my beginning.

After that I read a lot about his work like the poetry from The Country Without a Post Office, Half Inch Himalayas and many other poems. This inculcated in me the knowledge about basic poetry. I started enjoying reading poems, understood them pretty well, starting writing a little bit myself too.

Now I write poems because they help me to mold my thoughts in a precise and desired way , to convey my understanding of the particular topics, and may be give some insight in them too. I wish people could read my poems and may be one of my lines, just make them ponder over some things too.

I will end as William Wordsworth rightly puts it, “Poetry is the spontaneous outflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origins from emotion recollected in tranquility.”