In pictures: JK Police arrests Kashmiri journalist

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Once again the Jammu and Kashmir police have attacked the press in Kashmir. A journalist, Azhar Qadri, working with The Kashmir Tribune, part of the Indian national newspaper, Tribune, was beaten to pulp and later detained by the police. He was covering a protest by paramedic students outside the Old Secretariat in Srinagar Kashmir.

This is not first time that the police have beaten up a journalist or detained while on work. A news website quoted a journalist who was accompanying Qadri that they started taking quotes from the girls who were protesting and the two bodyguards of a top police officer came to them and asked who they were. They told them they are journalists. Then the police officer assaulted Qadri from behind and he was joined by others, he added. Four girls too were injured when police forcefully dispersed them from the spot. On spot pictures by Shahid Tantray.


After his release @AzharQadri tweeted: brutally assaulted, detained, kept in a lock up at a police station – cost of being a journalist in #Kashmir

Reactions to the incident:

‏Hamza @KashmirRebel: Detention & assault of journalists is a testimony of the fact that puppet regime will try any measures to hide its crimes. #Kashmir

MC Kash ‏@MCKashKashmir: If there is a police state on this earth, it is here it is here it is here! #Kashmir

TausƎef ‏@TauseefD12: Bro Azhar Qadri was assaulted by an IPS officer Imtiyaz ismail Parray without any provocation and detained for two hours in a police Lockup.

Muzalim ‏@muzaalim: Exposure of Indian democracy in Kashmir. Journalist Azhar Qadri assaulted and beaten to pulp

Shivam Vij ‏@DilliDurAst: @AzharQadri shocked, saddened and disgusted to hear of the police assault on you today. #Kashmir

Fifteen hours before he was beaten up and arrested, Qadri had tweeted: Atleast 5 boys aged 14 to 16 years (2 are in 8th class) have been arrested & charged for taking part in #antiislamfilm protests in #Kashmir


  1. every community has a black sheep and a humble kas officer turned IPS officer represents the one from our community. i remember his interview when he avowed to be a saviour for his community. but alas he has become arrogant, mindless perhaps power gone to his head. i remember him talking ill about the men in khaki while we were in college. perhaps same applies to him.