Is India truly Saare Jahaan Se Acha?

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By J Irshad

India may boast of its status as the “most populous democratic republic in the world”, but the country has never known freedom. The people of India may have achieved independence, but to this day they remain bound, shackled and enslaved. Thousands of people across the country – and world – proudly raise the tricolor, sing themselves hoarse of Jana Gana Mana and raise hollow cries of Jai Hind. I ask then: what are you saluting, O Indian citizen? Do you raise your hands in salutation for the thousands India has mercilessly tortured and killed in Kashmir? Does your chest swell with pride for the rivers of blood that flow in Assam? Does your heart resonate with love for the cries and deaths of those in Gujarat?


Today I ask every Indian citizen – by what right do you consider yourself free? Why do you feel the pain of a con artist that starves himself to rid your country of corruption when you allow those you call “your brothers and sisters” to be raped, mutilated, imprisoned, tortured and killed in the name of India without a second thought? Do you not hear their cries, do you not feel their pain, do you not share their anger, and do you not think them human, Indian?

It is a sad but bitter truth that while Indian citizens across the world light up fireworks, blare loud odes of “Mere dash ki dharti..” and celebrate their freedom, Kashmir cloaks itself in a silent mask of pain and silence. Indians chooses to ignore the plight and suffering of those in Kashmir under scapegoats of militancy, Pakistan and radical Islam but in the process also forsake their humanity and shed their conscience. It is important for Indians to look beyond this false aura of peace and contentment to all the dead and dying strewn across India. While countries like Syria, Pakistan or Afghanistan are threatened by militants, Jihadists or tyrants, the Indian nation employs its own army as a tool for torture, oppression and discord. Every time Kashmir demands payment for the blood it has shed, it is strangled by dominant Indian forces with a noose labeled “militant” and “Jihad”. Every time a Kashmiri raises his voice, he is silenced and dragged away into the depths of the unknown. The dictator Hosni Mubarak in Egypt was persecuted because he ordered guns shot at those that protested against his regime, but at least he did not label them terrorists, ransack their homes, rape their daughters and steal their sons. So why is it that every Kashmiri that simply demands justice becomes a militant? If democracy stands for keeping your eyes shut, and your voice low then India to Kashmir is the very epitome of democracy. However, if democracy stands for a system “in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly”, then India must redraft its constitution and seek other labels than this loose fitting term. What is now considered to be a fast-paced nation of growth, technology and ‘democracy’ in reality harbors many bloody and bleeding skeletons in its closet. It is a great shame that India despite all its advancements even now remains as backward and autocratic as any other “non-democratic” country.

Every 26th January and 15th August of the past 65 years marks a Black Day for the people of Kashmir. When the tricolor is raised in all its might and Indians stand dead still, it does not represent the honor and respect for their flag, it represents how dumb and mute they are to the plight of Kashmir. While old veterans proudly recount heroic deeds of freedom, those in Kashmir hear tales of horror and oppression. Tears flow in remembrance for the hundreds of thousands who no longer remain – for India, their freedom fighters, for Kashmir, their sons, husbands and fathers. All across the country, Indians revel in their “freedom”, while Kashmir once again welcomes extra security, load shedding and barricades. India explodes with color and music while Kashmir goes black and silent with pain. When a country remains such that mothers fear their sons walking the streets of their very home, the youth boils with fury they are not allowed to express, wives are widowed everyday and children orphaned without mercy, how can such a country call itself free? How can blood be justified with promises of peace, security and protection? The only protection Kashmir demands is from India itself.

And yet – Kashmir perseveres. Like the people of old whose sons were killed by the Pharaoh, whose daughters were buried alive by those supposed to protect them, as such the people of Kashmir persevere. Their beauty has been raped, their progeny has been cut in half, their pride has been broken, their voices have been silenced and yet there remains a hope that can never be defeated. Hope that erupts like a volcano, hope that was the summer of 2010, and hope that never dies but silently awaits its triumph. So raise all your flags and sing all your songs, shed all your tears and feel all your love but nothing you experience can rival the silence of our pain, the strength of our loss and the firmness of our resolution. It is time to ask – Is India truly Saare Jahaan se Acha? Does the desh ki dharti sona ugle or purge corpses of injustice? To realize, realize that yes – Aisa hi des hai mera. Realize before it is too late because one day, the red of the Jhelum will burst its banks and the “crown” India thinks stuck to its head may become too heavy to wear and weigh the nation down to its knees again.


  1. What is Azadi? Azadi is freedom of speech, freedom to go, work, settle anywhere in the country, freedom to worship and freedom to elect own government. It is already in place for everybody in Kashmir. Article 370 more than protects the jingoistic Kashmiri sentiments. What about the special, autonomy-like status that Kashmir has had for long? Did that bring peace? Why did it still drift into this state of anarchy?? The problem is not oppression but the greed & fanaticism of a particular religious group to create nations for themselves.

    Kashmiris themselves are to blame for the sorry state of affair! First they drove Kashmiri Pandits, usurped their properties and stood silently as the Pandits were threatened with cries of Raliv, Galiv Ya Chaliv (Convert, die or escape).

    And these same people now talk about so called atrocities by Security forces on Kashmiris!

    • What same people are you talking about? If what you are saying happened then the people who did it are dead or almost there. Who is suffering now? It is easy to say “same people now talk about so called atrocities” when you are witnessing and saying everything from the news. Talk to the mother whose 9 year old son was killed, whose 16 year old daughter was raped.

  2. So you’re saying that if Kashmiris are raped or killed because they want freedom, it is their own fault? its easy to talk from the sidelines but hard when you live the reality. the truth should be spread at any cost.

  3. Helo, Mr Rhetoric King, similar meaningless questions can be asked to you also. Want to try? Here is a sample:

    “I want to ask every fanatic in Kashmir, what is it that you are killing for? Islam does not recognise teritorial borders. So it makes no difference which country Kashmir is part of. Why are you making the life of innocent citizens a living hell by blasting bombs and mounting suicide missions? Does Islam approve of it? Why are you so enamoured by Pakistan when the country is on the brink of a civil war and keeps lurching from crisis to crisis? What makes you such a big fan of Geelani, Salahuddin and co who are the biggest hypocrites in the world who send their own kids to elite schools and get them govt jobs, while inciting others’kids to pick up arms and kill?”

    See if you can answer these. If you can’t stop asking such rhetorical, self-serving questions to us Indians also. We do not need the advice of terror supporters as to what freedom is and isn’t.

    • Sanjeev..This is not directed at you but to those that read your comments.

      You need not reply, having said that you surely may. Be it denouncing these retorts as spam or any other jest you try. It will just get repeated over & over & over & over…catch my drift.. :)

      If you are a regular on this site. You know these people like Sanjeev (& the like) as a craven sods that perpetuates the propaganda and agenda of India.

      Their purpose is to coerce and deceive the outsider who doesn’t follow the Kashmir conflict with vigor.

      Thus far they have abused, fueled hatful attacks both virtually and on ground.

      Please take their responses with a grain of salt & ask yourself why the voice of the Kashmir walla is repeatedly attacked by these hate mongers.

      I ask the reader to also consider the beauty of Kashmirwalla to allow them their voice as erroneous it may be. Regardless take this as your warning & please do your research on the Occupied region of Kashmir before coming to any conclusions.

      The voice of the voiceless must carry on, wether being attacked by the likes of mentioned or gaged by agencies on the ground.

      Truth must prevail, no matter how often and powerful the spin masters try to sabotage our attempts to putting it forth.

      Best Regards,

      A Humble supporter of the Kashmiri Cause.

  4. With all due respect Mr.Sanjeev, if territorial boundaries are of such in consequence then why can India not rename itself Kashmir and become one happy land? The question is not about becoming India or Pakistan or even about bloody freedom – it is about basic human rights!

    If a bunch of crazed militants pick up arms and revolt, does that give you license and justify the raiding and raping and killing of thousands of innocents, entire families and villages? Is that justice? Or do you deny that the blood and flesh of Kashmir has not been raped and mutilated, do you deny that Kashmir is bleeding? What cruel sense of humor is this that kills people for its protection? What “azaadi” is this where the refugees are terrified of their messiahs?

    Perhaps you are one of those Indians who would raise no objections to packing his bags and leaving for Pakistan as long as he is provided food, shelter and the right to breathe. In my opinion, those are amenities a pet dog should be satisfied with – not a human being, and definitely not an entire people.

    Also, mind who you call terror supporters – it is people like you who try to justify the raping of villages and mass graves and missing persons who fan the flames of true terror.

  5. @ khalid

    Your contention that Kashmir is YOUR house (as against that of every Indian) is not acceptable. India belongs J&K and J&K belongs to India. It is high time this becomes the basis for dialogue. Until then, AFSPA can do the job more than adequately!
    @ ayesha

    Since you are posing more rhetorical questions in supposrt of the previous rhetorical questions, I assume that you lack a convincing argument. I have no objections to entire India becoming one with J&K. In fact, I egerly wait for the day when this vile, abominable piece of legislation called article 370 is consigned to the latest flush toilet so that I can make this beautiful state my permanent home. Would you like me as your neighbour?

    • @sanjeev

      Actions of some people doesn’t define an entire nation. Kashmir was never a part of India or Pakistan. Many misguided leaders or idealists have made it a very complex issue. If India is so sure that Kashmir is its part, then why is it afraid of holding a plebiscite, as promised? Kashmiris have seen over the years what has been done to them, what’s been done to their women, their children. Protesters fired upon, children and women killed, women raped. All this under laws made by fools. And as Ayesha said it is not about being a part of either country but basic human rights. Roads closed off at nights, people frisked every now and then.

    • And these are not rhetorical questions. Rhetoric to you maybe, because you are witnessing everything from media. And I must insist, biased media You don’t know what’s happening here and how people are dealing with it. Children of age 10 are being arrested under AFSPA and you are confident that is doing the job more adequately? It is not about religion. Well you had to drag religion in it, don’t you? If it is truly a part of India then why is there so much discrimination. The state that lights up north India doesn’t have electricity. Allowing people to just stay alive with food and giving the freedom of movement during the day doesn’t qualify as being citizens of that country.

  6. @ anonymus,

    I wish you had stated your name.

    I am amused at your (convenient) assumption that I form my views on J&K based on media reports. I strongly suggest you avoid making such baseless statements when you do not know me.

    If it is not about religion, why is Lashkar, Jaish and all other such “peace activists” involved in it? Why have the Kashmiri Hindus been thrown out of the state, if not killed, that is? Why does Mr Peace Ambassador Geelani specifically eqauate J&K unrest with Palestine? Why do the “Peace Angels” of Hurriyat hold all their rallys in mosques?

    Who are you fooling from under your cloak of anonymity?

    If you want plebiscite, then you better hold it all over India. Will you accept the results? Are you ready?

    If not, do you accept that you have double standards on this issue?

    • There is nothing in a name after all. So what I post a name? And I am not fooling anyone under the cloak of anonymity.

      So on what grounds exactly are you forming your assumptions, judgements and opinions, if I may ask?

      I never said what happened in Kashmir is 100% right. There were atrocities at Muslims in Kashmir by the Dogra rulers, who were shot and killed like there lives held no meaning. The former Governor of J&K , Jagmohan, also known as Butcher of Kashmir convinced many (not all of Kashmiri Pandits) to leave their homes since he had planned to butcher Kashmiri Muslims. Many Pandits went to Jammu so that could happen. And the Gawkadal Massacre happened due to it. This infuriated Muslim leaders and many Muslims took advantage of it. Looting and throwing Hindus out of the state. But many Hindus are still there and no one looks down upon them, none, none at all.

      Plebiscite was promised for Kashmir, not for all of India. Why break the promise or is that just what you do? No one holds rallies in the mosques. The speakers in mosques are used to inform people that who died today. And the unrest in J&K is almost the same as Palestine. Muslims being butchered.

      I agree that Lashkar, Jaish and other parties have spread violence but if India fought for freedom with guns and grenades and looting of British trains and you are proud of your history, then why is Kashmir’s way of dealing with accessing so different? I am not patronizing double standards Mr. Sanjeev, you are.

  7. @ anonymus

    Seems you are not very proud of your name or your identity. So be it.

    The Islamist murderers in J&K do not even deserve a mention in the same breath as the Indian freedom fighters. Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev did not massacre innocents in hundreds. Neither did they preach hatred based on religion. They did not blast bombs in public places to wreck terror. Please be a little logical, even if anonymus!

    If MANY Hindus, as you say, are still there in Kashmir, one has to thank the forces for it. Please do not take credit where none is due. If the Islamist maniacs had their way, they would coolly chop these ‘Qafirs’ to pieces and hope to be rewarded in afterlife for it.

    Plebiscite is an old story and was meant for an entirely different situation. It was perhaps your grandpa who was part of the population who was promised a vote on accession, not you. In fact, I hope like hell that this abominable piece of excreta called article 370 is shoved someplace earliest and J&K is fully integrated with India. I would love to make this beautiful state my home. Can I be your neighbour please?

    Your view that Kashmiri Hindus themselves are to be blamed for their own exodus is most revealing. It shows that dialogue with Islam-crazed fundamentalists like you is a waste of time. AFSPA is the only law you recognise. Other than Shariah, of course!

    • Confusing religion with a freedom movement is all what you can do. This is what you guys really are.: Two faced. If you don’t know about the religion refrain yourself from mentioning shariah or Qaffirs or chopping off. It is not allowed in Islam and whoever does it is not Muslim. ‘Chopping off’ Qaffirs? Common man! It’s not allowed, it was never allowed. I am not making fun of Hinduism here but you are consistently trying to make fun of Islam and this is not acceptable. You can be our guest and trust me I myself would treat and honour you. even though you say AFSPA should be put in place. I am not arguing that due to certain people Islam and Muslims have been targeted. But probably as a human being you should not comment generally on an entire religion, race or motives of people who are being forced to live in a way that they do not want. An 8 year old kid is tried in court. That’s poetic justice now, is it?

  8. I am really surprised & mournful to visit this site…Indian government funding 65000 crore in jammu & kashmir & I dont think so that J&K can give back 10% of this amount back to govt. as revenue. Indian army is freezing in laddakh to save u…what happend to u guyz..??
    I belongs from Rajasthan & sometimes took roza with my muslim broz & enjoy Eiddi with them…I have a lot of respect towards Khwaza sahab & I visit ajmer dargah several times…I follow the morals of khwaza sahab & sufi me every one loves u..every state of India have a diffrent Identity…It not means that we should separate from India…no IIT no AIMS no IIM…phir bahut yaad aayegi India ki…or ajmer dargah aane ke liye viza lena padega pakistaniyo ki tarah..baki sab tumhari marzi..may allah give u prosperity & happiness..

  9. @ anonymus,

    You accuse me of generalising about Muslims. In the same breath, you make sweeping and incendiary statements like “Muslims are being butchered”. Do you have the right to call others communal?

    “Whoever does it is not Muslim”

    This statement is neither here nor there. I can also say that anyone who violates human rights (in J&K or elsewhere) can not be a Hindu. This leaves me, conveniently, with no obligation.
    “You can be our guest”

    Thanks, but no thanks. J&K belongs as much to me as it does to you. I am sure the day will come soon when the discriminatory and communal article 370 would be scrapped and I will be able to make this state my home.

    Not that I can’t do it right now. But I do not believe in falsifying documents.

    Or facts!!

    • Only someone paid get into these battles of attrition when commenting back & forth a reasonable person like the poor chap above up

      The fascist pigs like sanjeev think they have won the argument at the basis of their lies and abhorrents.

      You are once again a few cents short a dollar ol man.

      You response the same way no matter what, its pathetic really.

      ‘jihadi’ this jihadi are creating bogeymen as we speak..

      here this is where I will spam you now…..ready here it know why spamming you is relevant? To denounce the denouncer

      Ran out of lies, deception, coercion and innuendo ??

      Or perhaps you are busy with planning that yamraj visit :)

      Sanjeeev is a Liar, deceiver, & a Charlatan. Confront him with anything he will label your argument as a ‘jihadi’ etc etc.. Him & the like are only in here for to spread malcontent. They are the sort that after the army kills bystanders, terms it ‘alleged killing’ while on the same hand when a few ‘mighty’ gun trotting jawans are killed you hear from them “jawans were butchered” another ploy of the hegemonic beast. He is nothing but a tool.

      what scholarly work has he done, all he does is denounce scholars and those that speak out against the brutality.

      Soon he will be visited by yamraj and be born again as an e-coli inside a homosexuals rectum. This he may enjoy ….here is a smiley face ol man :)

        • here this is where I will spam you now…..ready here it know why spamming you is relevant? To denounce the denouncer..ol man :)

          If you do not want personal attacks on yourself get the fuck out out the kitchen bring it upon yourself by spewing hate & dividing people ..your ideology is fuckt!

          Ran out of lies, deception, coercion and innuendo ??

          Or perhaps you are busy with planning that yamraj visit :)

          Mr Sanjeev Patwardhan

          HAHAHA …. Too much…

          Here Im gonna do it again…you klutz..I feel sad …no I don’t never mind..

          My life is fine, thanks for your sarcastic concern. As a Harvard Alum I enjoy life in more ways than you can imagine.

          Like I said that fast approaching door to senility & retirement has made you go loony..Keep you your loony tunes ..ol man :)

          Oh did I a dick you parasite !!!

          Sanjeeev is a Liar, deceiver, & a Charlatan. Confront him with anything he will label your argument as a ‘jihadi’ etc etc.. Him & the like are only in here for to spread malcontent. They are the sort that after the army kills bystanders, terms it ‘alleged killing’ while on the same hand when a few ‘mighty’ gun trotting jawans are killed you hear from them “jawans were butchered” another ploy of the hegemonic beast. He is nothing but a tool.

          what scholarly work has he done, all he does is denounce scholars and those that speak out against the brutality.

          Soon he will be visited by yamraj and be born again as an e-coli inside a homosexuals rectum. This he may enjoy ….here is a smiley face ol man :)

          Btw I use your name to prove a point, well…call it a test..

          If there are truly Jihadi elements about India, the bogeymen which you have been conjuring..well it cant be that difficult for them to track you and then…the ol yamraj :) this will prove you correct ol man :) but alas you will not be around to celebrate, as you will be getting a hot load across your cell membrane in the rectum you will back in :)

  10. Wherever Muslims are a minority they behave like irritants, wherever they are a majority they behave like criminals.

    Muslims should self relect. Thet are a factor in most disputes. Maybe all these deaths and atrocities on either side in most conflicts around the world would not have happened at all if Islam was a more tolerant religion.

  11. I maybe wrong, but according to me, the greatest crime commited in the Indian Subcontinent after partition is the ethic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits.

    Kashmiri Muslims have no moral right to protest

    • Yes you ARE indeed wrong. Sad and disheartening as it is, however, to label the death of 219 people as the greatest crime committed in the subcontinent says truly a lot to the hypocrisy with which you choose to see the situation at hand.

      Bear in mind that the migration to which you alluded to as ethnic cleansing did not occur after the Gawkadal Massacre which as it happened, just a day after the Government of India appointed Jagmohan as the Governor in a bid to control the mass protests by Kashmiris. Prior to the Gawkadal massacre a movement to seek justice had been taking place in a predominantly non-violent manner. Unrest had been building in the state since the 1987 elections, which some believed were rigged by the Indian government and the National Conference to ensure the defeat of a coalition of pro-independence and pro-autonomy parties.

      It seems there is a plethora of written material upon the persecution of the Pandits, to this we can throw a many cliches i.e History is written by the winners/those who hung the heroes/those who control the present/ & so on & so on.

      I can only attest to my family & those families around us, we safeguarded our pandit friends. May Allah Judge us accordingly.

      It seems the words of the poet to which Jagmohan eluded to have held true thus far:

      ‘It has happened
      and it goes on happening
      and it will happen again.’

      May I suggest reading about the Gowkadal Massacre, the Gujarat Riots, the summer of 2008 & 2010 in kashmir, & Yasin Villagers just to name a few

      • @ Jonah Ryder,

        Good to see you speaking in a civilised tone. I miss your linguistic acrobatics though.

        Hope to see them in your reply! :)

        1. J&K is fully a part of India. The only dispute is about the part under illegal occupation of Pak. Even there, dialogue is the only solution.

        2. There was a time in history when every state, nay district, in India was like a seperate country. The clock can not be turned back.

        3. Jihadi ideology has always been on the prowl, thinking of ways and means to break up India. J&K is just another theatre of bloodbath. There is no way India will give in. In 1989, there were 40000 terrorists fighting openly in streets of J&K against India. India survived the threat. India dealt successfully with the Jihadi mobs crazed with hate for Amarnath shrine. India will triumph over any other threat that may emerge.

        4. Islam does not believe in territorial boundaries. Therefore, using Islam to carve out seperate countries is, in itself a blasphemous act. Think over it.

        5. Jihad can be declared only in case Muslims are being prevented from practicing their religion. Only a lunatic will claim that India is prohibiting J&K Muslims from practicing Islam or is forcefully converting them. Therefore, the so-called Jihad in J&K is also unislamic.

        6. Article 370 is a piece of vile excreta, created and sustained by Mullah-scared govts and politicians of past. Soon there will be a day when it will be abolished and J&K fully integrated with India.

        Was my argument coherent? Thanks, may I take a bow! :)

        • The above response is copy pasted & as such deserves little response.

          It will thus be given a stock response. :)

          You are once again a few cents short a dollar ol man :).

          You response the same way no matter what, its pathetic really.

          ‘jihadi’ this jihadi are creating bogeymen as we speak..

          here this is where I will spam you now…..ready here it know why spamming you is relevant? To denounce the denouncer

          It seems you have not ran out of lies, deception, coercion and innuendo ??

          Mr Sanjeev Patwardhan

          HAHAHA …. Too much…

          Here Im gonna do it again…you klutz..I feel sad …no I don’t never mind..

          Like I said that fast approaching door to senility & retirement has made you go loony..Keep you your loony tunes ..ol man :)

          Sanjeeev is a Liar, deceiver, & a Charlatan. Confront him with anything he will label your argument as a ‘jihadi’ etc etc.. Him & the like are only in here for to spread malcontent. They are the sort that after the army kills bystanders, terms it ‘alleged killing’ while on the same hand when a few ‘mighty’ gun trotting jawans are killed you hear from them “jawans were butchered” another ploy of the hegemonic beast. He is nothing but a tool.

          what scholarly work has he done, all he does is denounce scholars and those that speak out against the brutality.

          • @ Jonah Ryder,

            Since you are spending so much time on this blog, you might as well address the points in my comment.

            Am I expecting too much, o Harvard’s-secular-education-topping believer? :)

          • there you go again with labeling :)

            Its not very clever ol man.

            I am spending time to point out the scum, but you are making it too easy by becoming a target for the cesspool.
            You continue to reply ..and try to hostage Kashmirwallas with jingoism, demagoguery and hypocrisy

            Keep it up..the word is just spreading with each reply

  12. Whoa! Things really got heated up here! Well…Kashmir is like the rebellious son in a house wanting to run away. Problem is, neither has it been given that freedom/right/aazadi and nor has it any good place to go. There’s a saying in Japanese. I shall translate it into our language…

    “Hathoda unhi keeloon pe padta hai joh baahar nikli hui hoti hain!”

    Nothing different than this is going in Kashmir right now. It is every right of a community to create a separate state for themselves if they are somewhat feeling alienated. But a creature that’s got no legs can’t be given the freedom to walk even if it thinks it can walk. Come on! How will you even survive? Do you think Pakistan will come with help and hope – they would themselves be waiting for food from a NATO helicopter!

    Islamic fanaticism, lack of common sense and sense of logic as well as ruthless minds and selfish motives – there are a number of factors that are responsible for the problem with your people but the fact of the matter is that none but you are responsible for the acts you have to be governed under! Also, on a worldwide level, this is nothing as compared to the atrocities on your fellow men in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Here’s a question of logic for you…

    “Were the British or were the Indians responsible for British colonialism in the Indian subcontinent?”

    What law – normal or AFSPA should govern you lies in the fact that how you answer the above question! Even if everything is normal, the Army still has to be in Kashmir as you guys have international borders and/or ties! Matters of national security! :D lol

  13. This Sanjeev is one of the thousands of rabid Internet Hindus who are quite infamous for blowing things out of proportion and narrow mindset. If I post a link to an article that contains the multiple promises made by the Government of India(which it has backed down on) this rabid Hindutvavadi will pee in his pants!!

    • @ Shahid,

      Are you saying that I am blowing the J&K issue out of proportion? Do you mean to say it is just a minor irritant that India can solve on its own? I couldn’t agree more with you! :)

      However, until it is solved (In my view, by scrapping article 370), we can keep having alittle pow-wow here. That will prevent people like you from crossing the LoC for training! See I am actually saving your life. :)

  14. Yes this is copied & pasted from previous posts.

    Where ever you try to spew hatred this message will follow it in’Shaa’Allah

    The Holy Quran is the most read Text in the world, it is also the most mis-read, i.e people read it without knowledge of the meaning.

    If the Holy Quran is read with meaning and understood then In’Shaa’Allah many problems of this world will cease to be.

    Currently our ummah is divided and without a clear path. In’Shaa’Allah the ummah will come together soon and lead the way once again.

    Nothing escapes aakhira.. we all must atone and face Allah, this is the only truth in the world.

    I do not believe in the violent means by which our religion is being labeled, but I do believe in fighting against tyranny. for what good are my legs if I am made to kneel forever.

    These attacks against what is being said in the defense of Kashmir & Kashmiris are just that.

    One has to also wonder about the timing of this backlash against Kashmiris by the likes of Sanjeev and the many names the person uses to pander. The BJP run on the platform of division, this is what I see these people doing.

    My message is clear, a believer (a MUSLIM) until he/she interpret the Holy Quran in full meaning and applies that to their life, we will continue to suffer.

    The uneducated and ignorant are easily brainwashed, this enables clerics and muftis to take advantage of a desperate situation.

    If only one person reads this and passes it on to others then Sanjeev & the Kind have done us a service since this message has gone through to someone.

    Let us thank him/them.

    The compulsion to try and get in the last word is well defined in Psychology, known as ‘Takers.’ Islam also prohibits us from trying to get in the last word within an argument.

    My aim here is not to get in the last word, rather present the readers with an option.

  15. Copy-pasting the same comment again and again, even when irrelevant to the topic, is called spamming. This comment has appeared in a short time under a number of posts. Since it mentions me by name, I have replied to it in detail at one place.

    I am reproducing this stock reply in all other places.

  16. A warning to steer clear of people such as those that go around spreading hate and demagoguing the kashmiri voice. These so called ‘takers’ are discussed below.

    What are some of the qualities present in most takers?

    25 Warning Signals That You’re Dealing With a TAKER

    They act entitled to whatever they’re taking from you.
    They treat you as an extension of themselves.
    When they hurt or disappoint you they don’t experience guilt, shame or remorse.
    They won’t apologize to you, but will expect you to apologize to them.
    Their wish is your command, and if you don’t comply, you don’t love them.
    They believe their problems are someone else’s fault.
    They believe that you and everyone else are in this world to make them happy.
    When you give to them, they don’t feel compelled to say thank you or be grateful.
    If they feel taken from by you, they become outraged and entitled to become enraged.
    They don’t regret taking from you, but they regret not taking even more from you.
    They need to have the last word in conversations.
    They don’t take turns well.
    They are impatient and hate to wait.
    They interrupt or butt into conversations.
    They act as if they are always right.
    They act as if they are never wrong.
    When they’re frustrated, they feel justified in doing anything to make themselves feel better.
    They won’t tell you specifically what you are doing wrong or ask you directly for what they need— they expect you to read their minds.
    They are stubborn and you may confuse their stubbornness for strength and be attracted to them because of it.
    They aren’t motivated to know, care or do anything unless it gets them something.
    They are quick to ridicule or laugh at others, but have little ability to laugh at themselves or tolerate being laughed at.
    They either cannot or will not put themselves in another person’s shoes.
    They hold everyone else accountable, but evade being held accountable.
    They talk much more than they listen.
    They’ll expect a second, third and fourth chance from you when they hurt you; but they won’t give you a second chance when you hurt them.

  17. I think I should report this “copy-pasted comment that appears under a number of posts. Qualifies as spam” as spam. With your logic it surely is.

    Dear webmaster Sanjeev has resorted to spam. oh y oh y did this have to happen :)

    all jokes aside.

    Its futile

    • @ jonah Ryder,

      Quran disapproves of despondency. So pull yourself out of “It’s futile” mindset that seems to be taking over. Allah be praised! :)

      Cmon! A believer doesn’t give up so soon, does s/he?

      Go on, counter my views. You know them very well by now! Besides, you have the advantage of Harvard education! :)

      • Pray tell me more about what the Noble Quran teaches us?

        Had you studied it with an open heart…well then again..Allah seals the heart of whom he wants and nothing can be done for those.

        I haven’t given up an inch ol buddy, I am merely pointing out your shortcomings. By what you call debating you, I would be ‘feeding the troll’ and nothing else.

        here see..

        You continue to reply ..and try to hostage Kashmirwallas with jingoism, demagoguery and hypocrisy

        Keep it up..the word is just spreading with each reply

        • @ Jonah Ryder

          Thanks for taking the pains to point out my shortcomings. I hope to correct these with the limited intellect granted to me by Allah. Lord be praised! :)

          Please continue your selfless effort.

          I have been trying to return the favour by pointing out your flaws as well. Hope you appreciate.

          A real dialogue is about understanding one’s own mistakes and shortcomings and reflecting on them without prejudice.

          I pray to Allah that a dialogue like this begins between pro and anti-India elements in J&K and leads to peaceful resolution of the grievances of both sides.