O My Endless Friend

JK Bank

Street O street,
I walk through my day to you.
With my sorrows clichéd, tied to yours.
Step by step I meet your friends of dissemblance.
Cause of peace lost in dust of your hair.
Smooth desires of roughness on your skin.
Joined with the promenade soul who desires not.
I desire to be with you,
O My Endless Friend.

I will think on every pore of your distressed body.
Yet my speech of sense has gone for a walk,
Left nor right I may find you resting.
But like a dead arrow in air pointing straight,
I came from my past age to your present state,
Just to represent a faithful friend.
I will comfort you from what I have
Or be like the dead arrow pointing straight to you.
I desire to be with you,
O My Endless Friend.

Never to leave me behind I beg you O Friend.
As rain will pacify our restless comfort.
Lighting may offer to end what began late in midst mist,
Where the arrows of violence covered you like black shroud.
We will die in each other’s history like friends of messiahs.
They will sing the songs of our bravery.
On every lip of suffering we will lay
To speak the words of change.
I desire to be with you,
O My Endless Friend.

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