The Jhelum snakes its way

JK Bank

The Jhelum snakes its way.

Silent, silent, ever so silent,


through a city cold and beautiful-

so red, so red, ever so red.


A city so red

from the blood of kin.

A city so red

from the anger within.

A city so red

from the love in hearts.

A city so red

from hearts torn apart.


The Jhelum snakes it way.

Quiet, quiet, ever so quiet.

So many secrets to keep,

so harsh, so harsh, ever so harsh.


A secret so harsh–

there are bodies in my heart.

A secret so harsh–

dead, unknown, none to impart.

A secret so harsh–

for the families that search.

A secret so harsh–

it’s better to submerge.


The Jhelum snakes its way.

Bearing anguish, bearing rage.

Oh how heavy they weigh!

Men and women, of every age.


The Jhelum rages by.

Set to flow, time without end,

for if it were ever to run dry –

Oh, the wrath that would descend!


Juhaina is a staffer at The Kashmir Walla.

Thumbnail: Snapshot of an acrylic painting The red city by artist, Maryla Usa Wierzbowska