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The deadliest of lies is the lie of misinterpretation, When one pictures others emotions and sentiments through the mask of hidden agenda. The idea is who gives them right to speak on others behalf and then colour their voices for their own profits.

Being a part of the group of students who visited Mr. Sandeep Bamzai, I never expected our voices will be moulded for “Bijli, sadaak and Paani” like petty things. We did talk about different issues surfacing Kashmir issue, our message was loud and clear , “Bijli , Sadak and paani” issues are beyond our comprehension, we want our basic right, the right to live with dignity.

One of the group member who always supported India for Kashmir future surprised us by his sudden burst of emotional feeling of every Kashmiri. “How can an army person from a backward tribe of Adivasi caste come to Kashmir and rule us, we are from Indo-Aryan race and how can he dare to frisk us?” He surely showed when it comes to dignity, every Kashmiri is united and will fight for the rights.

Discussion went on for famous Kashmir pandits working outside and the rule of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. The voices were echoing, “Allow Kashmiri pandits to come back and Abdullah is a complete failure.” Then came the Geelani topic, every student said, “We don’t support any leader, we support an ideology, ideology of dignity, ideology of sacrifices. Geelani is popular only as he stands clear on this ideology  while others have no clear cut ideologies”

Mr. Bamzai  at the end asked for students verdict on Kashmir. Most of us said Azaadi, one said Pakistan and one autonomy. So tell us Mr. Bamzai where from this so called “Bijli, Sadak and Paani” demand came from our lips. I have no words to say about this interpretation, I will leave it only to Mr. Bamzai to comment, where from he got this impression to speak on our behalf.

If this trend of misinterpretation continues in media like this, I feel Indian democracy in future will face a danger of sorts. Fourth estate needs to live up to its expectations of credibility and truth. I hope things will change in future.

Nayeem Raja is one of the students who met Sandeep Bamzai during their interaction session with him as being the students of Mass Communication department, University of Kashmir.

You can read the piece to which the student has responded here- “Why Valley’s next generation roots for Geelani”

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  1. “How can an army person from a backward tribe of Adivasi caste can come to Kashmir and rule us, we are from Indo-Aryan race and how can he dare to frisk us.” ?????????
    My comment is not directly related to your reply to Mr Bamzai, but hey dear, if, any of you have such mindset then it’s a worrisome trend.
    Being from Indo-Aryan race or otherwise, don’t make you any superior or the poor Adivasi sepoy any lower.
    If, there is, anything which gives one the a higher moral standing then its your acts and mindset.
    How dare the army person frisk you…cos its your land and not his. His adivasi lineange is not any criteria nor is your Indo-aryan lineange.

  2. Every word has a context and every sentence a background.The comment about “Adivasi things” was only done in reply to bamzai questions.

    When he provoked us with some of his vague comments justifying army rule in kashmir.One more thing to be mentioned here sometimes you have to give hard comments to make your voice heard, otherwise you will have no takers.

    I dont justify My friends comments but he was compelled to reply like that , afterall we have suffered alot because of these Army people who dont even know how to behave like a human.

    Thats all i have to say ….

  3. basic anthropology ….kashmiris are from an indo aryan race which is believed to have high intellegemce. how dare an ill educated….mannerless…. outsider would touch us…hadnt it been for the army rule in our state….

  4. Bravo!! So much for a casteless, secular struggle etc. This has only proved what I and many Indians already know. Thge Kashmir issue is about Islamic fundamentalism, blind hatred for non-Muslims, xenophobia and superiority complex all rolled into one, with a deadly sprinkling of an ideology that glorifies brutal violence. The armed forces are doing a splendid job keeping this bunch of bloodthirsty madmen at bay. There is no way these Jehadi maniacs can be allowed to succeed. Just wait till BJP gets full majority (should happen soon). There will be no more article 370 and J&K will be fully integrated with India. until then, we proud Indians will let the Congress play its wretched, pathetic votebank politics and let this evil part of the constitution survive. As long as they do not change the existing kashmir policy of India.