Laila-Majnoon And An Imaginary Homeland

JK Bank

By Mohammad Tabish

Who knows hither i cry,

In remembrance;

A remnant demesne in my memory caught.
Laila bawls for Majnoon.

Majnoon: chain cloaked,

People summoned flower stones.

Among the many I hear

many say of Majnoon; turned mad.
The only postman dies,

Nights falls on me;

I am left blind.
Doors latch, Laila confined.

Valiant she floods the world,
Blood kissed the knife.

Her skin melts, wounds occupy;

Then deserts’ soak Majnoon bleeds.
The lakes dry,

it pours;

The water salt.
Laila dies,

An evening cursed.

Dusk apprises Majnoon.

Like a phoenix, he cinders;

His ash desert sand.
Yesterday ‘his highness’ met me,

From him I learn of Calcutta;

Tightly packed cellulose catches fire.


Both the lovers die

and seed a legend.

‘laila-majnoon ki kahani’

Hamlet to hamlet which passed.

People cry, the time’s lost. 


Mohammad Tabish is a BA (Honours) English student at Amity University, Delhi.

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