Hackers Sympathetic To Kashmir’s Freedom Movement

JK Bank

By Umar Qadri

Hackers sympathetic to Kashmir’s freedom struggle today defaced more than a hundred Indian websites, posting messages addressing “common Indian people” asking them to support Kashmir in achieving freedom.

The websites have been hacked when India celebrates its 65th Independence Day.

“This message is not for Indian government but common Indian peopl who do not know what their government hides,” read the message posted on www.indiapolice.in, website of India Vision Foundation run by retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi.

Most of the websites defaced by hackers belong to Indian government and carry .in URL. “The 15th of August is special for you because you got freedom on this day, yet you should think that do you really deserve to celebrate this freedom if you do not stop the wrong doing in Kashmir. Every day people are not only being humiliated but killed as well. Fake encouters and rape is the order of the day in Kashmir,” the elobarate message posted on these website said.

The websites were hacked by ZHC, who have over the past one year hacked many high profile sites including a fan website dedicated to Indian Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.

The hacked websites have also been posted with pictures of Kashmir protestors throwing stones on Indian soldier and a Palestinian kid throwing a stone on an Israeli tank.

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