A Film On Ashfaq Majeed Wani

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A film on Ashfaq Majeed Wani.

Ashfaq Majeed Wani was 23, and Jammu Kashmir Libertion Front, Commander-in-chief, when he was shot dead in an encounter with Indian forces on March, 30, 1990.

Part I

Part II

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  1. Mr Editor why don’t you publish the documentary of how this wani terrorist ordered the killing and exodus of the original inhabitants of Kashmir, the Hindu pundits. On you website there seems to be hardly any mention regarding the contribution of the Hindu pundits in the fields of art , culture or politics which clearly exposes your true intentions. From where did you Kashmir Muslims come from ? Are you the locals who converted or were converted from Hinduism to islam and today glorify the acts of terrorist like wani who butchered innocent Hindus? Or are you the decedents of invaders from Afghanistan/Iran , if so then then why don’t you go back to your ancestral homeland and leave Kashmir to the indigenous Hindu pundits. The indigenous culture of Kashmir is all derived from its Vedic ancestry thousands of years old which you invaders are trying to destroy. If Kashmir was never a part of Bharat then what was it a part of? From where did the Hindu temples come from? I see nothing Islamic/Arabic/Iranian about names like Srinagar or Anatnag. If you are an indigenous Kashmiri then search your roots to your Vedic ancestry which will teach you tolerance and allow the Hindus to return back to their ancestral homeland.

    • We don’t stop anyone to submit his/her writing here. As you can see we have covered Kashmiri Pandit issue too. In that Kashmiri Pandits wrote about their life. You can check. And if you have anything to say through your writing. You are welcome to submit it and we will publish it if it passes through our editorial conditions. Thank you.

  2. Mr. Ved. Please have a journey of history of Kashmir again then come here to post your comments. Yes ofcourse we had been hindu some 500-600 years back but Almighty showed us the right path, the real way to live a life.
    Mr Ved, whatever you say you can’t change the reality. Of-course there had been some mistakes done by some of our Kashmiri Mujahids by killing the Hindu pandits we are really sorry for that but at the same time you must understood it that it is the place of conflict and such things occur at the same places and at the same time you must see that how many Kashmiris were killed by the Indian forces and 90-95 % of them were innocent.

    lets compare the tragedy
    Unfortunately around 400 kashmiri Pandits got killed in this turmoil… and later maximum of them (pandits)fled the kashmir valley (whether they were forced to leave or they left by their own) …Here I am to mention that the number of pandits was in few thousand…
    Now lets have a look on the other side, the number of Kashmiri muslims killed during the last 20 years is more than 1 lakh, more than 10 thousand were disappeared during custody, Thousands of women were either raped or molested by Indian forces, Thousands of kashmiri muslims were forcibly exiled from here and now they are staying outside the India and so on…

    Moreover I want to say that there are always good and bad humans in every community. So is in our and your case…

    Now I want come to the conclusion and want to clarify you what you had called Shaheed Kashmir Ashfaq Majeed Wani a terrorist and labelled him the mastermind of Pandits killing. The fact is contrary to this and these are baseless allegations on him as you know he was a noble soul and was a human loving man but at the same time he was bold and brave and that is why he stood up against the atrocities and illegal occupation by Indian forces on innocent people of kashmir. He was a true Kashmiri and more than that a true muslim and in Islam it is mentioned that if someone kills one innocent human being it is though, he has killed the whole humanity.
    It was actually the then cruel governor of J&K Jagmohan who was mastermind behind the killing and exiling of hindu pandits and same time he is the responsible in killing of tens of thousand of innocent muslim lot of kashmir….

    Now the things have changed except one and that is we still want complete independence from Indian occupation and besides I want to tell you that that Kashmiri Pandits are part and parcel of our society. We welcome them if they return back to Kashmiri valley.

    More I will not say you any thing just visit once here in kashmir and stay with the common people here for some time and then you will come to know what the exact ground situation over here is…
    good bye

    • @ Kaiser

      I think the only solution to this mess is complete abrogation of article 370 and integration of J&K with the rest of India. I am sure that day will dawn soon.

      That aside, I agree with you that there are good and bad human beings in every community. Could you help me buy land in Anantnag? I would really love to holiday there in my own vacation home!

  3. If you people consider Pandits as part and parcel of your society then why did you kill them like butchers at that time… You left notes that either run away or get killed… You selectively started killing Pandits… Muslim mobs attacked pandit localities, robbed their houses… and then u say that they are part and parcel of ur society… Pardon me for saying this , but seriously u guys are HYPOCRITES… and u are suffering for what u did to Pandits… ACCEPT THAT WHAT U DID TO PANDITS WAS WRONG OR ELSE UR OWN ALLAH WON’T FORGIVE U…

  4. Just take a lesson from LTTE. They were more determined and organised in their efforts. Even went across the line and killed the Indian PM. Sri Lanka is a small nation and it took them 40 days to finish the LTTE rule. It will take less than a week to clear the valley of your ill-fed Islamic occupation. The only reason Kashmiris can still come and abuse India on street is because Hindus are a peace loving society that still thinks Kashmiris as brothers (unlike me). But not for long… It will be a dark and smoky day in Srinagar very soon. Learn your lesson. Silence is not always weakness.

    • @ kashmiri,

      You are so funny, really! You set so much store by the words of an Indian Prime Minister who died four decades ago, but refuse to honour the words of your own King who acceded to India, or respect the words of ALL OTHER INDIAN PRIME MINISTERS since then who have stated repeatedly that J&K is an inseparable part of India!

      Any cause will do! Jihad roxx! Am I right? :)

        • @ kashmiri,

          I am somewhat disappointed that the discussion has degenerated to personal slurs. It only reinforces my belief that the Jihadi gang in J&K only knows how to kill and how to abuse non-Muslims in foul language.

          Ridiculing an opponent is the easy way out taken by professional politicians, so that they can avoid answering inconvenient questions. I was sort of hoping that common readers on this site will base their arguments and counter-arguments on facts. Apparently, I was hoping for too much!

          Suit yourself. Do you need help in augmenting your dictionary of insults? I can be of use. We Qafirs just celebrated Holi, you know! :)