Saturday, December 14, 2019
"This is the mercy of the government – it’s their gift for us. They made us drink dirty water; Mehraj fell ill because of it.”

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no internet

How young Kashmiris are losing jobs due to Internet gag?

"I saw the lay-offs coming in the shutdown as the operations of Internet-based businesses lost its mode of survival - Internet.”
Trans women

In Kashmir clampdown, trans women face new challenges

Every wedding season, at an average, Shabnam Subhan would earn about 60-70 thousand in six months and would rely on it for the rest of the year. This season, she hasn’t earned even 10 per cent of it.




Current Issue

“From 2008 till now, farmers who are dependent on this economy find themselves in darkness. Our hopes shattered when we did not receive the expected amount from our annual production.”

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