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    Kashmir: a few moments of life

    By Zuhaib Mohammad Khan

    Amid the violence and political uncertainty, on the other side, there lies a life in KashmirKashmir is known for its natural beauty and now for being world’s most militarized zone on earth as the disputed territory remains under the Indian rule, against which the people are resisting since 1947 …

  • Sadiyah, 5, Boomay, holds broken pages of the Qu'ran as she walks home from a make-shift Madrasa set up in Thawepen unregistered IDP Camp, in the outskirts of Sittwe.


    The Rohingya Conflict

    By Helena Derwash & Marta Tucci

    The history of the Rohingya conflict: Buddhists and Muslims


    As with most of the world and its regions, in particular South East Asia’s the Republic of the union of Myanmar (Burma), its history and human inhabitants come from varied settlers, wandering tribes …



    Acts of Resilience

    By Marta Tucci

    The plight of Rohingya womenConflict has a serious impact on the life of women and their role in family and society. Through the ages, the presence of heightened insecurity and fear has forced many women and children to flee …

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    Waiting for their sons, mothers die

    By Muheet ul Islam

    How mothers in Kashmir have died while waiting for their disappeared sons

    In one of the world’s most violent conflicts, Kashmir, continues to remain under the strong presence of Indian troops. The disputed territory, an outcome of the catastrophic partition of British India, has been going …

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    Kashmir Killing: “Where would I find you now my brother?”

    By KNS & News Desk

    The teenage boy, who was killed in police firing in the Indian-controlled Kashmir on Friday, had a dream to send his father to Mecca to perform Hajj. “He had promised that one day he …


Gabriel García Márquez dies at 87

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian author whose beguiling stories of love and longing brought Latin America to life for millions of…


Salman Khurshid: Rip the flag to see dissent

What exactly happened during Salman Khurshid’s talk in London There is no such thing called the right way of expressing dissent….


Art & Culture

Shahmali Begum : Mother of Maqbool Bhat.

Shahmali Begum: Mother of Maqbool Bhat

Using portrait as a medium I am trying to re-discover mothers who gave birth to revolutionaries. Women – less celebrated, less…


From Hurriyat Conference to Confusion

The politics of Hurriyat Conference, from a party to individuals The ‘Kul Jama’tei Hurriyat Conference’ or the ‘All Parties Hurriyat Conference’…

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