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    Kashmir youth and the conflict

    By Raphael Godechot


    Before landing in Kashmir this year, I thought I had more or less of an understanding of what loaded words as conflict or occupation implied. I always tried to keep myself informed. However, when …

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    Our souls are dead

    By Sanaa Alimia


    Nothing that any one writes will suffice. Our words are dead today. They ring hollow. Our souls are dead today. As the funerals take place across the city, as the walls of homes shake …

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    President Jokowi’s cabinet line-up

    By Kate Grealy


    Jokowi Widodo was sworn in as president of the world’s third-largest democracy, Indonesia, on October 20 amid an atmosphere of high hopes amongst supporters, winning a narrow victory over former Military Prabowo …

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    Pity Peshawar – but what prospects for a peaceful Pakistan?

    By MA Mistry

    As the country reels from the massacre in Peshawar, MA Mistry assesses whether peace will ever prevail in Pakistan given the lack of unity between civilian and military leaders.

    “Attacks on civilians are a sign …

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After Harud, now Sounth (spring) literature festival in Kashmir

Three years after Harud (autumn) Literary festival was called off, amid scathing criticism by Kashmiri writers and civil society activists, for…


UK Parliament

Indian anger as UK Parliament discusses Kashmir’s human rights

The UK House of Commons debate on Kashmir took place against the sombre background of a flooding in India and Pakistan…

London protests

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Graphic story: Kashmir floods

Shahmali Begum : Mother of Maqbool Bhat.



Israel’s spectacle of ugliness

It breaks my heart. Images of a toddler burnt to death by an Israeli hell-fire missile, being held aloft by her…